GoBuild360 is a composable, brandable e-Commerce solution tailored for construction material suppliers.
The GoBuild360 platform is customized to your operation. It integrates with all your existing systems to reduce complexity, eliminate manual processing, and connect with your customers for a fast and efficient sales experience.

GoBuild360 Integrations


Cement Ordering Software

Free yourself from endless phone calls, follow-ups, emails, and confusion.

Slash order processing time in half!

Give your customers a custom-branded online ordering portal for a smooth and easy, always secure online buying experience.

  • Instant account access 24/7
  • Quotes, order history, and delivery notes
  • Convenient payment by account, credit, or ACH
  • Real-time order tracking
Order cement as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Click
  2. Quote
  3. Checkout
Put down the phone and pick up more sales.

Slash Overhead - Boost Sales

Cement deliveries are ordered via the GoBuild360 composable e-commerce solutions for construction cement ordering software
Pouring of ready-mix concrete ordered online using GoBuild360 composable e-commerce solutions for construction cement ordering software ready-mix ordering system

Ready-Mix Concrete Ordering Software

Pouring ready-mix concrete is hard work. 
Buying ready-mix concrete should be easy.
And with your branded customer sales and service portal, it is!
Your customers easily,
  • Request quotes,
  • Place orders,
  • View their order history,
  • Check their account status,
  • View statements and financial documents.

More customers buy their ready-mix concrete online.
In just a few clicks, they save time, and you save money.

Ready to Save Money?


e-Commerce for Building Materials

Your GoBuild360 e-commerce store is like having a sales team that never sleeps. With GoBuild360, your customers
  • Browse your store,
  • Request quotes,
  • Add products to their cart,
  • Check their account balance, and
  • Easily buy more products!

Now you’re Making Sales 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

→  Eliminate time constraints.
→  Break down geographical barriers.
→  Open your doors to a wider customer base.
Your new GoBuild360 is more than just an e-commerce store.
It’s A Direct-to-Customer Sales Connection.

Connect With More Customers

Building materials ordering using GoBuild composable ecommerce for building materials
Construction worker ordering construction materials online with GoBuild composable ecommerce for construction

Order Construction Materials Online

Say goodbye to phone calls, emails, follow-ups, and frustration.
Contractors and procurement pros buy more products online.

Your new branded online store makes sales the easy way.

Everyone saves time, money, headache, and hassle.

  • Request quotes,
  • Place orders, and schedule delivery,
  • Easy payment from any gateway,
  • Real-time order tracking in a convenient app or online portal

Branded with your company logo and name.

With GoBuild360, your contractors easily buy and schedule material deliveries in advance, avoiding shortages, and keeping their projects on track.

Sell construction materials online.


Composable e-Commerce Solutions

Your customers already enjoy the convenience of online shopping.

Now you can make it easy for them to buy with you.

Unlock the ultimate customer experience.

  • Seamless navigation.
  • Personalized interface.
  • Lightning-fast transactions.
Captivate your customers, convert leads into sales, and long-term loyal clients.
  • Develop more sales channels.
  • Forge deeper relationships.
  • Boost brand loyalty.

Command Attention. Expand Your Reach.

representation of online payment of GoBuild360 composable e-commerce solutions for construction
cement-ordering-software-on-computer and mobile view-of-GoBuild360-composable-e-commerce-solutions-for-construction-cement-sales

Get a Free Demo!

A dedicated customer success manager using a headset

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

GoBuild360 e-commerce solution includes ongoing updates, system improvements, and world-class customer support. We are always working to adapt and improve your experience as your business grows.

Customer onboarding consultant

Full Service Customer Onboarding & Support

The GoBuild360 Customer Sales Success Team onboards your customers, provides ongoing training and support to ensure your e-commerce success.