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Slash Processing Time in Half While Improving Your Customer Experience
Concrete ordering software can revolutionize the way you do business. Find out how it can improve your customer experience and boost your bottom line.

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The following guide will walk you through GoBuild360’s ready-mix concrete ordering software and how this technology is transforming the way ready-mix concrete suppliers do business.
Your ready-mix operation uses all kinds of technology already, right? But have you ever imagined a simple, friendly interface that eliminates all the busy work from the procurement process for you and your customers?  
We did more than just imagine it. We built one for ourselves.
And you can have one too.

How To Know If Ready-Mix Concrete Ordering Software Is Right For You

As a major buyer of ready-mix concrete, rebar, and building supplies, we got tired of the old way of managing materials for all our projects. It was just too expensive.
It took too many people and too much back-and-forth to request quotes, order materials, confirm deliveries, and track down the load tickets. Our admin costs were through the roof!
So we built something better. And we know you’ll love it as much as we do.
Here, you’ll find our ready-mix ordering software that makes managing orders feel like a breeze. It’s user-friendly, it’s intuitive, and it’s designed for folks who know concrete.
Step into a world where ordering ready-mix concrete is as straightforward as it should be.

Welcome to the future of ready-mix concrete ordering with GoBuild360.

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What Is Ready-Mix Concrete Ordering Software?

Ready-mix concrete ordering software is an online solution that simplifies traditional ready-mix concrete sales, delivery, and order management.
It’s a digital platform that takes advantage of technology to simplify the entire quote, order, sale, and account management process.
This innovative software improves efficiency, reduces errors, and saves time for both concrete suppliers and contractors.
Picture this: you’re at your desk or out in the field, and you need to order concrete.
Instead of making calls or sending emails, you open up our software.
With a few simple clicks, you’ve selected your mix, specified your quantity, and set your delivery time.
And just like that, your order is on its way.
No fuss, no mix-ups, just efficient and accurate ordering. It’s like having a dedicated concrete dispatch in your pocket.
That, my friend, is what ready-mix concrete ordering software from GoBuild360 is all about and why it’s so much better than the traditional way of doing business.
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What Are The 4 Traditional Ordering Systems?

Let’s step back in time for a moment.
Before digital advancements and software, there were four traditional ways to order concrete. Each had its perks. But these stone-age tactics also came with a fair share of headaches.
Let’s explore these old-school methods and see how far we’ve come with the advent of software specifically designed for the ready-mix concrete industry.


Ah, the humble fax machine, once the beacon of business communication.
But when ordering concrete, fax orders can be a nightmare. Illegible handwriting, misplaced or lost faxes, and delayed confirmations lead to costly miscommunications. In our fast-paced world, these hurdles can throw a serious wrench in your project timeline
Although not as prevalent as in the past, this method provides a tangible paper trail for reference and may still be preferred by some businesses.


Next, we had email orders. While more modern than fax, emails can be a real headache too. Missed or buried emails in crowded inboxes and late-night "reply all" chains can make an easy task a real challenge.
Not to mention, order updates or changes can get lost in lengthy email threads. Searching for the right information causes frustration and confusion. And missing or incorrect information also causes expensive mistakes on the job site. And no one wants that.

Phone call

Call-in orders might seem like a direct approach, but even phone orders are riddled with pitfalls.
Ever tried to place or receive an important order in a noisy environment or had a bad phone connection?
Miscommunication and misunderstandings happen all the time. Plus, there's the waiting game - being put on hold, waiting for a callback or confirmation. These hassles can delay your projects and cost you precious time.
While some clients might appreciate the personal touch of a phone call, it may not be the most accurate or efficient method of placing an order.


And lastly, in-person orders. In-person ordering might feel like the most reliable method - you're right there, able to specify exactly what you need.
But let's face it. In-person ordering is also the most time-consuming.
The travel time to and from the supplier, waiting in line, the risk of paperwork being misplaced - it all adds up. Moreover, with in-person ordering, you're tied to the supplier's business hours, limiting flexibility.
This method might have worked in the past, but in our fast-paced world, none of us have this kind of time to waste.

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How Does Ready-Mix Concrete Ordering Software Help?

Ready-mix concrete ordering software offers a solution that far outpaces traditional methods.
Because your ordering system is online, it’s available 24/7. Meaning your customers can place orders when it suits them, not just during business hours.
Online systems are directly linked to your ERP or accounting solution, and that kind of integration eliminates the human errors common to fax, email, call-in, or in-person orders.
Plus, it’s a real time-saver.
Your customers can order, confirm, and track their deliveries from anywhere, anytime, with just a few clicks.

It’s a modern approach for modern industry, improving order efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

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What Is An Online Ordering System?

Imagine walking into your favorite restaurant, but instead of waiting in line to be seated, then waiting to order, you simply use your smartphone to pick your meal, customize it, and pay for it.
Then keep track of your order all on the screen in your hand.
An online ordering system works in a similar way but for your business.
An online ordering system is like a digital waiter, cook, and cashier that’s always at your customer’s service.
It’s a software platform that allows customers to browse products, place orders, and make payments at any time and from anywhere, right from their devices.
It’s as easy as ordering a pizza, but for the products and services your customers rely on.

What Are The Components Of An Online Ordering System?

Ever wondered what makes an online ordering system tick? Let’s dive in and explore the key components that power this modern-day sales marvel.
Modern online ordering systems include:

How Do Customers Use Ready-Mix Concrete Ordering Software?

Using ready-mix concrete ordering software is just like doing some online shopping, but instead of a new outfit or the latest gadget, your customers are buying construction materials. It’s a game-changer for the industry, making the purchasing process as easy as clicking a button.

Create an Account

Just like in an online store, they'll first create an account on your platform.
It's a one-time setup where they'll provide basic details like their name, contact information, and billing address.
This information is securely stored for future orders, so they won't have to waste time re-entering data with each purchase. It's like having a dedicated checkout line, just for them.

Browse Products

Once their account is set up, they'll start browsing.
Instead of clothes or electronics, they'll be navigating through a catalog of ready-mix concrete types, admixtures, and other construction materials.
Each product comes with detailed specifications, images, and prices. This transparency empowers your customers to make informed decisions without back-and-forth communication or guesswork.

Compare Options

Now comes the fun part: making a choice.
Just like in an online store, your customers can compare options right on your platform.
They can evaluate product specifications, prices, and delivery times to find the best fit for their project.
With ready-mix concrete software, you’re providing customers with a personalized procurement experience, putting them in control of their account and their business.

Place the Order

Placing an order is as easy as clicking a button. Customers can choose from their approved quotes, or request a new quote.
Customers can upload their specifications, select their desired products and quantities, then head to checkout.
It’s just that easy.
And since the ordering platform is integrated with your ERP and logistics systems, customers can confirm delivery details, like date, time, and location, and complete their payment — all in one place.
No more faxing order forms or lengthy phone calls. Ready-mix ordering software powered by GoBuild360 is a simple, intuitive, easy-to-use process.

Order Tracking

Immediately after placing their orders, your customers receive their order confirmation number and tracking details.
They can keep an eye on their order's progress right from the platform.
Customers enjoy receiving real-time updates on delivery times and any changes to their orders. It's like tracking a package online but for their concrete order.

Delivery Receipt

When the order arrives at the construction site, customers inspect the delivered materials, check the quality and accuracy, note discrepancies, and provide confirmation and feedback via the online ordering system.
No More Paper Tickets!
It's like signing for delivery, but all digital and fuss-free.
Just like online shopping has revolutionized retail, ready-mix concrete ordering software is set to transform the construction industry, making the ordering process more efficient, transparent, and customer-friendly.

smart contractors

Why Would Contractors Order Ready-Mix Online?

With razor-thin margins, smart contractors are constantly looking for ways to trim the fat off their budgets.
Ordering ready-mix concrete online cuts the hassle, time, and energy required to get what they need, plain and simple.
No more phone tag, searching through email threads, or deciphering faxes.
Your customers have total account access. They can easily see their options, make their choices, and place their orders 24/7, from anywhere.
  • 24/7 Account Access
  • Order Tracking
  • Real-Time Updates, and
  • Spend less time on paperwork.
It’s all about getting the job done quicker and easier. That’s why smart contractors are moving online.
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What Are The Benefits of Online Ordering Software For Ready-Mix Concrete Suppliers?

For ready-mix suppliers, offering a secure online ordering system for their customers is a game-changer.
It frees up your team from endless phone calls, emails, faxes, manual order entries, and miscommunications.
And not only that, but it also opens up new business opportunities.
Your customers can order anytime, not just during business hours, and that could boost your sales.
Plus, with order tracking and real-time updates, you can better manage your operations, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction.
Online ordering is a smarter way to do business in today’s digital age.

Which is the best online ordering software for ready-mix concrete?

There are several highly-rated software options for ordering ready-mix concrete online.
The best choice for a particular company would depend on their specific needs and circumstances.
GoBuild360, for instance, offers a comprehensive, cloud-based, composable e-commerce solution tailored to the needs of the ready-mix concrete industry. Their platform stands out for its intuitive user interface, real-time tracking features, and seamless integration with existing systems.
GoBuild360 is the top online ordering software for concrete, designed specifically for ready-mix concrete suppliers.
It streamlines procurement and offers numerous features catering to builders, contractors, and suppliers in the industry.

With GoBuild360, builders and contractors can:

  1. Compare pricing and performance specs: Find cost-effective options for their projects.
  2. View quotes, orders, statements, and account history: Access real-time account information 24/7.
  3. Place orders: Easily submit orders and pay directly through the platform.
  4. Monitor deliveries: Track deliveries in real time for transparency and timely receipt of materials.

GoBuild360’s Free-to-Market App includes additional features:

With an e-commerce system powered by GoBuild360, you get a custom-branded, comprehensive solution tailored for the ready-mix concrete industry.
And that makes GoBuild360 the smart choice for concrete ordering software providers.
However, it’s always a good idea to thoroughly research available options, check recent customer reviews, and consider your business’s specific requirements and budget before making a decision.

Who Are The Best ready-Mix Concrete Ordering Software Providers?

At GoBuild360, we’re proud of our composable e-commerce solution. A game-changer for ready-mix suppliers. Our platform is cloud-based, flexible, and efficient.
But who are the other contenders in the market?
ECI Solutions

According to their website, ECI Solutions offers software for the construction industry. But as of this writing, it's unclear if ECI offers solutions specific to ready-mix concrete suppliers. They do provide business management solutions, but it's unknown if they offer the same flexibility as GoBuild360.
Command Alkon

The granddaddy of software providers for the heavy construction materials market, Command Alkon offers a range of software products. Command Alkon’s offerings include plant automation, dispatch, quality control, and fleet management solutions, all designed to enhance operational efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.

PSCL claims to focus on plant automation systems. Their website offers software systems for production and inventory control. But can they match GoBuild360's composable e-commerce solution? Unknown.

A digital platform from cement and ready-mix concrete giant Cemex. CemexGo manages your Cemex account, orders, and shipments. It's unknown if they offer their solution to ready-mix suppliers outside of their network of Cemex customers.
Concrete Direct

An app-based service for ordering concrete from Lafarge-Holcim. According to their website, the ConcreteDirect app is straightforward and easy to use. But are they as comprehensive as GoBuild360? That remains to be seen.

Providing software solutions for the concrete industry, the GivenHansco Keystone suite covers dispatch, accounting, and GPS tracking.

A cement and ready-mix company with a digital platform. According to their website, their ArgosOne app provides order tracking and customer service.
GoBuild360 logo

Your one-stop solution for ready-mix concrete suppliers. We offer seamless integration, customizable features, and cutting-edge technology. Our platform is designed for simplicity, adaptability, and growth. User-friendly, mobile-friendly, and business-friendly. No one does it better than GoBuild360. With our unmatched flexibility, customization, and composable e-commerce platform, we're confident we have what it takes to elevate your business, drive deeper customer loyalty, and stretch your margins into new, more profitable territory.

So why settle for less?

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