Online Ready-Mix Ordering Systems for Multi-Plant Operations

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Integrated online ready-mix ordering systems are rapidly becoming an essential tool for multi-plant ready-mix operators everywhere.

And do you want to know why?

That’s because these systems bring together accounting, ERP, batching, and dispatch software to simplify the ready-mix ordering process and provide a superior customer experience.

The GoBuild360 platform, for example, offers secure, scalable, and modern solutions tailored for B2B sales. A GoBuild360-powered platform acts as the glue that binds specialized tools into a unified digital workflow. This integration results in real-time order tracking, seamless data automation, and better collaboration across different plants and teams.

The Need for Integration in Multi-Plant Operations

From order-takers and dispatchers to contractors, customers, and even office staff like accounting and plant managers, everyone benefits from the streamlined processes and increased efficiency.

Whether dealing with regional, national, or multi-national suppliers, an online ready-mix ordering system powered by GoBuild360 can be the transformative solution that large suppliers and producers need to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving market.

How Do Online Ordering Systems Work? A Brief Overview

Understanding Online Ready-Mix Ordering Systems begins with recognizing the need for complete integration. GoBuild360 serves as the glue, binding specialized tools like those offered by Command Alkon, Sage Intact, Oracle Netsuite, and SAP ECC.

These tools also include plant batching software for quality control, dispatch software for efficient delivery coordination, and delivery apps to keep customers informed.

GoBuild360 syncs CRM, sales, production, and distribution systems, creating a single source of truth and a seamless digital experience for customers and office staff alike.

By centralizing this information, GoBuild360 eliminates data silos and provides a transparent view of the entire operation.

It’s this level of visibility that empowers order-takers, dispatchers, contractors, and customers to make informed decisions and work together more effectively.

In a world where timely delivery and customer satisfaction are key, these integrations ensure that every part of the process runs smoothly.

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Integration with Existing Systems

Whether it’s existing or legacy systems, GoBuild360 can integrate with platforms like Command Alkon or function as a stand-alone solution. This adaptability allows large suppliers and producers to serve their customers efficiently.

It’s not just about linking different software together; it’s about creating a truly customer-centric environment where all systems work in harmony.

For businesses reluctant to retool, the flexibility of GoBuild360’s integration ensures that existing systems can be vastly improved without disruptive overhauls. This means that suppliers with their own customer portal or delivery apps can create a totally integrated, self-serve solution, enhancing the entire ordering and delivery process.

GoBuild360’s ability to provide the missing workflows and integrate different software systems is what sets it apart. It gives businesses the power to build out the features their customers need, putting the brand, products, and services in the palm of the customer’s hand 24/7.

The result is a global brand experience that’s accessible, efficient, and attuned to the unique demands of today’s ready-mix concrete industry.

The Features and Benefits Everyone Enjoys:

Order-takers and Dispatchers

  • No More Manual Entry: Stop wasting time transferring information from telephone calls and emails into your outdated ordering system. Give your customers 24/7 account access to place their own orders when it’s convenient for them.
  • Real-time Tracking: Know where your trucks are at any given time. Real-time tracking keeps your delivery schedule running smoothly without delays.

Contractors and Customers

  • Branded Customer Portals and Delivery Apps: Your customers enjoy a personalized ordering experience featuring your name and logo. Make it so easy for customers to buy from you that they wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.
  • Quick and Easy Access: Link quotes, orders, payments, and logistics for a seamless customer journey. Give your customers the global brand experience they expect in a handy, easy-to-use app.

Owners and Office Staff (accounting, customer service, plant managers)

  • Integration of Essential Software: Your daily operations flow smoothly when we integrate your accounting, ERP, batching, and dispatch systems into one harmonious workflow.
  • Customizable Modules: Choose from best-in-class modules to create the optimum system for your business. We’ll integrate your existing systems and build out new features based on your business rules. That means you only pay for what you need. You can always upgrade later as your business grows. Or whenever you’re ready to generate more profits on every sale.

I’m Ready!

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How to Get Started with GoBuild360

GoBuild360 is not just another software solution. It’s an integrated e-commerce solution built for B2B sales that’s secure, scalable, and modern.

Ideal for large Regional, National, or Multi-National Suppliers reluctant to retool existing or legacy systems. GoBuild360 fills the gaps to create a totally integrated, self-serve solution.

Custom Integrations for Customer Success

By integrating different software systems, GoBuild360 truly puts the customer at the center of the action. For those needing detailed customizations that traditional platforms can’t provide, GoBuild360 offers a flexible, best-in-class solution.

Whether you’re looking to create a more efficient system or give your customers an easy-to-use ordering portal. GoBuild360 has you covered.

Explore GoBuild360’s Online Ready-Mix Ordering Systems today

And take the first step towards a more streamlined, profitable, and customer-centric multi-plant operation.