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Your Products, Your Service, Your Platform, Powered by GoBuild360

Introducing GoBuild360, your fully integrated, custom-branded e-commerce platform.

  • Sales — Simplified
  • Margins — Better than ever
  • New markets — Wide open
  • Click – Quote – Order – Pay

GoBuild360 connects your ERP, logistics, and operations systems to meet your customer’s needs, simplify your sales process, and boost your bottom line.

Your sales are faster, easier, and more profitable.

With composable e-commerce powered by GoBuild360

“I found the new GoBuild360 online ordering system to be easy and efficient.  Being able to choose the number of loads per day with a time, too, is exceptional.”

-Maryka Meiring, Accountant, Delta Bricks

Effortless E-Commerce with GoBuild360

The essence of composable e-commerce software like GoBuild360 lies in its ability to integrate with various systems and adapt to evolving requirements seamlessly.

With an e-commerce platform powered by GoBuild360, you effortlessly connect with diverse tools, services, and APIs, customizing your online store with unparalleled flexibility.

From inventory management to payment gateways, from shipping solutions to marketing automation, the possibilities for expansion and optimization are boundless.

Grow Your Sales at Scale, With a Custom-Branded, GoBuild360 Ordering Portal

GoBuild360 brandable e-commerce software for the supply industry

Your new secure, online ordering system eliminates manual processing.

Now your customers can

  • Manage their account,
  • Receive quotes,
  • Place orders,
  • Schedule deliveries and
  • Pay with just one click,
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All in their very own easy-to-use, personalized portal.

Our portal is all about personalization. We believe your customer’s needs should guide their digital experience. That’s why our platform is composable and completely customizable.

From your logo, colors, and branding to your app’s layout, arrangement, and workflow, your new online ordering portal gives your customers full control.

Say goodbye to frustration and inefficiency. Welcome simplicity and personalization with our easy-to-use portal.

Pharmaceuticals in Focus: The E-Commerce Advantage

Life-Saving Medicines

GoBuild360 ecommerce software for the pharamceuticals industry

Delivering on your promise

Demand for your vital compounds extends beyond the supply chain.

You’re not just a supplier. You’re a lifeline.

Your new cloud-based digital ordering system securely connects you to every corner of the globe without fail.

With an e-commerce sales channel, your vital medicines flow to those who need them most.

Thanks to technology, pharmaceutical suppliers can now provide their distributors, doctors, and patients with a convenient and cost-efficient solution to obtain their much-needed medications, bridging the gap between them.

Raw Materials, Refined Approach

From Mine to Market

GoBuild360 e-commerce software for material suppliers

E-Commerce: Supply Sales Simplified

You provide the building blocks of countless products, from construction to cosmetics.

Supercharge your sales flow with a custom-built e-commerce system.

  • User-friendly design makes it easy for customers to navigate your catalog, place orders, and pay.
  • Seamless integration with your existing ERP, Inventory, Logistics, and Plant Management systems optimizes your entire operation.
  • Mobile-responsive layout ensures your customers a smooth shopping experience on any device.
  • Comprehensive sales and customer analytics give you real-time data to monitor trends, anticipate demand, and make data-driven decisions that drive greater profits.
  • Secure payment gateways and security tools combat fraud, enhance customer trust, and maintain their privacy.

What’s It All Mean?

  • Move more materials to
  • More customers,
  • In more places,
  • With just a few clicks.

By employing advanced technology solutions and e-commerce strategies, your business can work smarter, faster, and more profitably, effortlessly satisfying the outstanding needs of an evolving clientele.

“I’m really enjoying placing new orders and checking the status of our account. This tool really comes in handy for me… I’m satisfied in every way.”

-Clement Esau-Mkono, LintelTech

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Move Faster with GoBuild360

GoBuild360 e-commerce software for the FMCG industry graphic

Fast Markets? — Faster Service

Your products keep the world running, from our first cup of morning coffee to our bedtime dental routine.

With GoBuild360, FMCG is more than ‘fast.’

Your custom-branded e-commerce platform is:

  • Personal, it’s
  • Predictive, and it’s
  • Perfectly Tailored to your customers’ needs.

More Sales, Less Effort, Open for Profit – 24/7

Transform the way you do business and tap into the power of e-commerce to accelerate your growth. Online ordering software minimizes your expense, lowers your cost of sale, and gets your products and services into the hands of your waiting customers faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Personal Care – Personalized Service

Fashion, Beauty, and Personal Care.

GoBuild360 e-commerce software for the beauty industry

Shop, Shine, Repeat: E-Commerce for Beauty

Your products give glam on a special night out and soothing balm at the end of a long day.

E-commerce makes your Product Catalog come alive with Personalized shopping experiences.

Amplify your brand’s unique story.

Foster deeper customer connections.

Real-time data predicts trends and preferences, tailoring your product lines to your customer’s desires.

E-Commerce Ease: Online Shopping, from the Comfort of Home.  

Sony headphones resting on a logitech keyboard

GoBuild360: The E-Commerce Edge in Household Goods and Electronics.

Elevate Your Customer’s Experience

Your custom-branded e-commerce portal is a powerful tool

  • Magnify your brand,
  • Deepen customer relationships, and
  • Drive greater sales revenue

From the comfort of a well-loved couch to the convenience of the latest gadget, you make houses feel like homes and work tasks a breeze.

You’re not just a vendor. You’re a catalyst for comfort and productivity.

Imagine expanding your reach, touching more lives, and making a bigger difference.

GoBuild360 — Your E-Commerce Solution Provider

Omnichannel Excellence

360-Degree Connectivity

In a world where connections matter, your custom-branded composable e-commerce platform powered by GoBuyild360 is your secret weapon.

  • 360-degree omnichannel reach
  • Seamless shopping,
  • Simplified sales,
  • Total system transparency
  • Actionable insights
  • Anticipate market trends
  • Data-driven decisions

Know what your customers want before they do.

Connecting With Customers

fingers on laptiop keyboard with e-commerce images floating above

Now You Can

Your custom-branded e-commerce platform is built to your demanding specifications and meets your business rules.

That means you sell and distribute your valuable products to those who need them- anytime, anywhere, saving you and your customers valuable time, resources, and hassle.

…build customer loyalty

From your own branded system, your customers:

  • Explore and browse your vast product selection in real-time,
  • View their account, account history, credit facility, and critical documents,
  • Request quotes, place orders, and make payments instantly from any device.

Simplify every step of your operation, from quotation to orders and from purchase to delivery.

…and offer your customers a fully digitized ordering process.

Give your customers a modern delivery app with full account access, order tracking, and immediate proof of delivery. You and your customers get complete visibility and transparent order tracking for total peace of mind from start to finish on each and every order.

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