Don’t Buy New E-Commerce Software
Integrate your existing systems, adding only the modules you need on our secure, custom-branded, cloud-based platform.


Delight your customers 24/7 with an interactive e-commerce site, instant price quotes, integrated customer portals, fast, easy checkout, and real-time delivery apps.


Kickstart your e-commerce journey with our Standard Tier.
Standard integrations on a secure, cloud-based, modular platform ensure a seamless ordering experience for your customers.
Monthly subscription features
Initial Set-Up

US$30,000 – US$50,000

Monthly Subscription

US$8,000 – US$15,000

Unlock the full potential of a branded, bespoke e-commerce platform with our Enterprise Tier.

Enjoy premium customizations, multiple reporting dashboards, extensive integrations with Best-In-Class Microservices, and a dedicated team of developers to meet your every business requirement.
  • Website 
  • E-store
  • Customer portals
  • Mobile and delivery apps
  • ERP
  • Dispatch
  • Batching
  • Plant Automation
  • Logistics
  • Best-in-Class microservices
  • Legacy systems
    • via API or
    • custom-built middleware
  • Account facility
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • Cash sale
  • Web optimized
  • IOS App Store
  • Google Play Store
Monthly subscription features
Initial Set-Up

US$75,000 – US$300,000

Monthly Subscription

US$17,000 – US$100,000


Elevate your operation with our Professional Tier e-commerce platform.
Enjoy enhanced customizations across multiple product lines and integrated solutions for a more robust, streamlined e-commerce experience.
  • website, 
  • e-store,
  • customer portals,
  • mobile and delivery apps.
Monthly subscription features
Initial Set-Up Fee

US$50,000 – US$75,000

Monthly Subscription

US$15,000 – US$45,000

Get a Custom Quote

Transparent Collaborative Pricing

Your white-glove experience begins with:


Tell us about your business and existing systems: ERP or accounting software. Dispatch, batching, or plant automation software. Logistics and supply chain management systems


Your custom integration blends your new and existing solutions without disrupting your current services.

Your roadmap includes AWS hosting, integrations, and a secure, cloud-based, modular platform ensuring seamless experiences for you and your customers.


Together, we pinpoint the exact features, microservices, and integrations you need for a custom-tailored solution that serves your customers and satisfies your business rules.

We ensure every detail is covered in this phase, setting a clear path for the budget, deployment, and onboarding stages.



Now, we outline a detailed budget. The budgeting phase ensures transparency in pricing, aligning the costs with the scoped features and integrations.

This critical step fosters a mutual understanding of the investment and the value you’ll receive.

Deployment and Onboarding

The moment of magic—your tailored solution springs to life.

Deployment is meticulous. Our comprehensive onboarding process empowers your team to take full advantage of your new e-commerce platform.

Our Customer Success Team onboards your customers and provides full-time customer service and support throughout our engagement.

A dedicated customer success manager using a headset
Customer onboarding consultant

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

And we don’t stop there.

Our development and customer service teams keep your platform in tip-top shape.

Always on standby to lend a hand when you need it, ensuring a seamless, hassle-free experience for you and your customers.


The end goal is for you to have a customized and fully integrated customer-facing portal.
Intelligent and responsible capital investment (Capex) in a digital solution must result in:

Net Present Value

In assessing the viability of an investment, it is imperative that we emphasize the critical importance of achieving a favourable Net Present Value (NPV). Our primary objective is to ensure that the returns generated from this investment significantly exceed the initial capital outlay, thereby maximizing value for our clients. Achieving a positive NPV is not just a financial metric; it represents the cornerstone of an investment strategy, reflecting your commitment to prudent financial management and the creation of sustainable long-term value.

Capital Investment

Your decision to allocate capital to this investment hinges on the expectation that it will deliver consistently robust returns over the next decade. It is imperative that we achieve performance that surpasses industry standards and secures above-average yields. Our strategic vision for your company extends beyond short-term gains, as we are committed to cultivating a sustainable, long-term growth trajectory. With a ten-year horizon in mind, we are resolute in our pursuit of ensuring an investment that not only outperform the current quoting and sales/ordering solutions in the market but also ensure enduring value for our clients well into the future.

Rate of Return

Our return-on-investment strategy for your company places a strong emphasis on the achievement of a robust Internal Rate of Return (IRR) during the initial decade of this project. We are fully committed to ensuring that the IRR over this critical period not only meets but exceeds our target thresholds for sufficient returns. This focus on the first decade’s performance is a testament to our dedication to providing early and substantial value to our clients. We firmly believe that by consistently delivering a strong IRR during this timeframe, we will establish a solid foundation for long-term success and profitability, reaffirming our commitment to generating significant value for our clients.

Our pricing adapts to your needs and the complexity of your operations, ensuring a perfect blend of cost-effectiveness and unparalleled value.

Contact us today to create a modern, modular e-commerce platform tailored just for you.
Note: Exact pricing may vary based on the specifics of your infrastructure and integration requirements.
For a detailed quote and discussion, please contact our team.