GoBuild360 Cement Ordering Software: The Ultimate Guide

Cement ordering software used to be a tool reserved for global and multi-national brands — brands with global reach, deep pockets, and dedicated IT departments. But not anymore.

GoBuild360 cement ordering software makes it possible for cement producers of any size to reap the benefits of digital automation.

This guide will serve as your roadmap to understanding GoBuild360’s features. We’ll navigate through the benefits cement producers can expect. And we’ll learn how putting the power of technology to work for you can eliminate bottlenecks, reduce operating costs, and lead to greater profits and happier customers.

What’s The Deal With Cement Ordering Software?

Cement ordering software is a broad term for software that simplifies your sales process. Instead of calling in orders or sending emails, your customers simply log in to your custom-branded portal, request a quote, place new orders, check their account balances, and pay.

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Ready to Simplify your Sales?

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GoBuild360 cement ordering software is built to save you time, reduce your costs, and improve your customer’s buying experience.

The software handles everything from quotes to tracking deliveries. And because it’s based in the cloud, your customers can use it anywhere, and it’s always up-to-date.

So, in simple terms, GoBuild360 cement ordering software is a super handy tool that makes your work easier, more efficient, and more profitable.

Understanding the Mechanics of Cement Ordering Software

Cement ordering software works by connecting your customers directly with your ERP or accounting software and then passing that information along to your operations and dispatch teams.

GoBuild360 integrates all your disparate systems into a seamless sales and order fulfillment machine.

It’s like having a personal assistant that handles all the details of inbound and outbound cement orders.

This software takes care of everything:

  • Quotes
  • Order Management
  • Account Management
  • Document Management
  • Sales

From receiving the order to ensuring its delivery at the right time and place, GoBuild360 cement ordering software simplifies the entire process.

Unlike old methods that involved a lot of paperwork and were prone to mistakes, cement ordering software makes the process simple and efficient.

And the best part?

GoBuild360 uses your company branding to build a custom e-commerce store that integrates with any and all automation tools your plant is already using.

And on top of that, this tool provides:

  • Digital order management: This feature allows you and your customers to manage all your orders digitally, reducing the chances of errors and miscommunications.
  • Automatic order processing: Once an order is placed, the software automatically processes it. No more manual entry. And that saves you time and effort.
  • User-friendly interface: This software solution is specifically designed to make ordering and order management as easy and straightforward as possible. Even your busiest contractors can use it with ease.

Seamless Integration: The GoBuild360 Advantage

One of the key advantages of GoBuild360 is its ability to integrate seamlessly with existing systems in your business. More specifically, it becomes the central hub allowing all of your systems to talk to each other. This means less time wasted switching between different systems and fewer mistakes due to miscommunication.

With everything integrated into one platform, the ordering process for your customers becomes faster, easier, and more efficient.

GoBuild360: A Win-Win for All Stakeholders

GoBuild360 offers benefits to everyone involved in the value chain.

  1. Cement Producers
  2. Distributors and Suppliers
  3. Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL)
  4. Ready-Mix Concrete Producers
  5. Pre-Cast Concrete Producers
  6. Contractors, Clients, and Customers

These aren’t just theoretical benefits – real businesses have seen significant improvements using GoBuild360.

AfriSam, one of the largest cement and concrete producers in Africa, made the switch to an e-commerce platform with GoBuild360, and their customers have never been happier.

“The AfriSam online system powered by GoBuild360 is easy to use.”
—Christelle Dyer, Administration Clerk, Inkuba Ready Mix

Elevating the Customer Experience with GoBuild360

GoBuild360 improves the customer experience with its easy-to-use ordering portal, order tracking, and digital delivery tickets. This means customers can:

  • Place orders easily: The user-friendly interface makes it easier than ever for customers to place orders.
  • Track their progress: Customers can track the status of their orders in real-time, giving them peace of mind.
  • Get proof of delivery: Digital delivery tickets provide proof of delivery, ensuring transparency.

Transparency and convenience lead to happier customers, which in turn leads to more profits.

Expert Insights: The Power of Integrated Supply Chains and Digital Transformation

Industry leaders have highlighted the benefits of having an integrated supply chain and embracing digital transformation.

Using cloud-based tools like GoBuild360 is the quickest and easiest way to achieve this. Chances are, you already have digital systems in place. The beauty of GoBuild360 is that it seamlessly integrates all of these existing systems, boosting their capabilities and filling any gaps.

This approach means you don’t have to overhaul your entire operation to reap the benefits of digital transformation.

With GoBuild360, a future with cement ordering software is already within your reach.

The Future of Cement Ordering with GoBuild360

The landscape of cement ordering software is continually evolving, with GoBuild360 leading the charge.

This platform is constantly updated to stay ahead of trends and innovations to provide the best possible service to you and your customers. More than just a tool, GoBuild360 is transforming the cement ordering process, making it more efficient, transparent, and customer-friendly. If you’re in the cement industry, it’s worth exploring what GoBuild360 can offer.

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