Is Your Cement Software Provider Really Serving You?

Do you ever feel like your cement software is more of a headache than a help?

Sure, you have tools like SAP for managing money, Command Alkon for running production, and IntelliTrans for distribution. But if these systems aren’t in synch, they’re not making things simpler.

In short, it feels like you’re working for the software, not the other way around.

So let’s ask the big question:

Is your cement software provider truly making your life easier, or are they just selling you more complications?

What Makes a Good Cement Software Support Team?

A good support team is key when choosing a cement software provider. Otherwise, you’re just asking for headaches. Here’s what to look for:

They Understand the Industry

  • Do They Know Cement? Your support team should have a deep understanding of the cement manufacturing industry, including its unique challenges, workflows, and regulatory requirements.
  • Beyond Tech-Savvy: The team should have advanced technical skills to troubleshoot software issues, implement customizations, and optimize the software for your exact business needs.

A good support team needs these basics. But they also need to be available and ready to keep the software working well.

Available and Proactive

  • 24-7 Service: Given the round-the-clock operations of many mining operations and cement manufacturing businesses, the support team should be available 24/7 to address any issues that arise, minimizing downtime.
  • Keep Things Running Smoothly: The team should regularly monitor the software’s performance and carry out preventive maintenance to avoid disruptions.

Because manufacturing doesn’t stop, and neither should your software support.

Explain, Teach, and Train

  • Clear Communication: The team should be able to communicate complex technical information in a way that’s easy for non-technical staff to understand
  • Superior Onboarding and Ongoing Training: The team should have a comprehensive onboarding strategy for you, your staff, and your user base. Be sure your software provider has a vested interest in your success.

After all, if your customers aren’t absolutely delighted with your new ordering system, the software, and your software providers, aren’t doing their job.

They Respond Quickly and Care About Your Business

  • Fast Response Times: The team should have a quick response time to ensure that any issues are addressed promptly, minimizing the impact on your operations. In the best-case scenario, your software provider should give you a monthly Limited Downtime Guarantee.
  • They Put You First: Be sure your software provider is committed to a customer-centric approach. They should prioritize your business’s needs and work closely with you to ensure the software is helping you, and your customers, achieve your objectives.
  • Continuous Improvement: The team should regularly gather feedback and use it to improve the software and their support services.

So, is your cement software provider’s support team ticking all these boxes? If not, it may be time to think again.

Legacy Systems: Maximizing Your Investment

Your existing systems are integral to your operations.

You’ve invested time, money, and resources into these systems, and they’re part of the fabric of your business. A good software provider respects that.

They know that for any new software to be worth the investment, it needs to integrate with existing legacy systems.

Here’s why that’s important:

  • Workflow Continuity: Integration allows seamless data flow between systems, meaning business processes continue without interruption.
  • Data Consistency: When systems are integrated, data is synchronized across platforms so everyone is working with the same, up-to-date information.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and transfer, saving you time and money.
  • Risk Mitigation: In the event of a system failure, integrated systems save your data,, making it recoverable from the interconnected systems.
  • Improved Decision-Making: Integrated systems provide a more holistic view of business operations, meaning better-informed decision-making.

Smooth Operations: The Mark of Quality Service

A top-notch software provider doesn’t just put out fires. They work proactively to make sure your system is always at its peak.

This means fewer worries about system failure, missed sales, or frustrated customers. A well-functioning system means your team can focus on producing high-quality cement, not dealing with technical issues.

Plus, you’re not the only one benefitting from this kind of support – your customers are too. They reap the benefits of your streamlined service, and consistently top-notch product.

So you might be wondering, “Does anyone make software specifically for my industry?”


The GoBuild360 Difference

GoBuild360 is the ultimate composable e-commerce solution for construction material suppliers. Designed by construction industry veterans and top-notch tech experts from around the globe, GoBuild360 is designed specifically for the construction material supply industry.

With GoBuild360, you can:


  • Sell any type of construction material online, such as cement, ready-mix concrete, sand, gravel, aggregate, lumber, steel, and more.
  • Offer your customers a convenient and easy online buying experience where they can request quotes, place orders, confirm deliveries, track their order status, view their order history, check their account balance, pay securely from any gateway, and more.


  • Sync your incoming sales with your ERP system for immediate payment confirmation and delivery ticket generation.
  • Sync your ERP system with your operations so the incoming order immediately enters the queue and gets processed efficiently.
  • Sync your customer’s delivery request with your logistics system for quick and easy confirmation and GPS routing.


  • Reduce manual processing, errors, overheads, and costs.
  • Increase sales, profits, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

We understand your needs, respect your existing systems, and support you every step of the way.

With GoBuild360, you’re not just buying software; you’re gaining an industry partner dedicated to helping your business succeed on every level.

Is It Time for a Change?

If your current cement software provider isn’t living up to these standards, it might be time for a change. The future of the cement supply industry is digital, and you need a software provider who can guide you through this transition. GoBuild360 delivers not only advanced solutions but also high-quality service.

In the concrete jungle, you need a partner you can rely on.

Don’t settle for less. Choose GoBuild360 and build a stronger future for your business.

Schedule a demo today, and experience the GoBuild360 difference.