From Bricks to Clicks: Embracing E-Commerce for Construction

For construction material suppliers, shifting to an e-commerce platform makes sense.

That’s because now, with the click of a button, customers can browse through a wide array of building materials and construction supplies, compare prices, read reviews, and make purchases from the office, job site, and even from the comfort of their homes.

And that’s important for two reasons. First, it means that with the help of e-commerce software, you can better serve your existing customers. And secondly, it means that e-commerce software also helps expand your market share. That’s because now your store is accessible to more people in more places, anytime, day or night.

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How Does E-Commerce Work for Construction Materials?

E-commerce refers to electronic platforms, such as websites, online marketplaces, and digital apps. These platforms enable builder’s merchants to sell inventory and offer your customers other helpful features such as:

  • Online product catalogs,
  • Quote request systems
  • Order placement portals,
  • Payment processing gateways,
  • Inventory management systems,
  • Supply chain integrations, and
  • Project Management integrations.

This digital approach revolutionizes building material suppliers’ operations by providing a convenient and cost-effective platform for contractors and customers to connect and collaborate. 

That means your customers can directly contact your sales and delivery staff with no more waiting on hold. 

With an e-commerce platform, you and your customers enjoy better communication, increased transparency, cost-effective procurement process.

What Kind Of Building Materials Can Be Sold Through E-Commerce?


As an online retailer, you can offer a wide range of aggregate, such as fine sand for smooth finishes or coarse gravel for structural applications.

Whether needed for concrete mixtures or landscaping projects, your customers will find various grades and sizes online. Moreover, with detailed product descriptions and customer reviews, your customers can make informed choices every time.


When shopping for cement online, your customers will discover different types, such as Portland cement for general use or specialized blends like sulfate-resistant cement for corrosive environments.

These options can sometimes confuse customers who don’t have extensive knowledge or experience.

But with your new online platform, you can provide comprehensive information on cement properties, setting times, and compatibility, making it easier for your customers to select the right products and materials.

Ready-mix concrete:

Ordering ready-mix concrete online is convenient and saves time. The software provides a quick, easy, hassle-free solution for your busy contracting customers.

As a ready-mix supplier, you can offer various grades, strengths, and mixes tailored to specific applications, such as foundations, driveways, or decorative elements. Furthermore, an online ordering system allows customers to schedule their concrete precisely when needed. And the delivery app keeps them informed every step of the way.

Bricks and blocks:

Whether your customers seek classic clay bricks for a rustic look or durable concrete blocks for structural integrity, online marketplaces are here to help. Your online catalog provides customers with a wide selection of sizes, colors, and finishes for them to choose from.

From traditional red bricks to contemporary designs, your customers can explore various options and compare prices with an online store. This convenience ensures that their materials align with their aesthetic and functional requirements.

With E-Commerce for Construction Materials, There’s No End To What You Can Do

Lumber and timber:

Online retailers like you can now offer an extensive range of lumber and timber products.

Your online offering can include the following:

  • Dimensional lumber for framing,
  • Plywood for sheathing and subflooring,
  • Composite wood for low-maintenance applications, and
  • Treated wood for outdoor projects.

With detailed product specifications and images, your customers can easily find the right materials for their construction or woodworking needs. That means they can choose wisely, purchase, and schedule delivery to their doorstep. 

Now, how’s that for convenience?

Roofing materials:

  • Weatherguard
  • Drip edge and flashing,
  • Gutters and downspouts,
  • Durable asphalt shingles,
  • Sleek metal roofing panels, or
  • Specialized underlayment,

Customers can find exactly what they need.

And because your e-commerce site is hosted in the cloud, everything is available for immediate access:

  • Latest guides,
  • Installation instructions, and
  • Warranty information.

This unprecedented access helps more customers make informed choices for their roofing projects.

Flooring materials:

From elegant hardwood to affordable laminate, versatile vinyl to stylish tiles, online platforms offer your customers a wide range of choices.

Buyers can evaluate factors like durability, ease of installation, and maintenance requirements, making flooring selection easy and trouble-free.


Of course, you offer a comprehensive selection of insulation materials, including fiberglass batts for walls and attics. In addition, your online catalog can include foam boards for thermal and sound insulation, spray foam for sealing gaps, and reflective insulation for radiant barrier applications.

And with so many options and choices available, this is another area where cloud-based e-commerce systems shine. Your storage is endless, and your products are always available.

Providing your customers with detailed product information, R-value ratings, and installation instructions helps them choose the most effective insulation for energy efficiency and comfort.

E-Commerce Includes Finish Materials Too

Paint and coatings:

When purchasing paints and coatings online, your customers will find a wide assortment of colors, finishes, and specialized formulations. This ensures they have everything they need for various surfaces and applications.

From interior wall paints with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to weather-resistant exterior coatings, your new e-commerce platform ensures customers a successful project.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) fixtures and supplies:

With an online platform, your catalog can be as extensive as you need. You can offer a wide range of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC supplies and equipment. That means your online store prepares your customers for nearly any situation.

Buyers can confidently choose the right plumbing fixtures, such as pipes, fittings, valves, faucets, showers, toilets, and sinks. This convenient confidence is made possible with the help of detailed product specifications, installation instructions, and customer reviews.

Additionally, your e-commerce system provides a wide selection of electrical supplies, like

  • Wires,
  • Cables,
  • Switches,
  • Outlets,
  • Circuit breakers, and
  • Fixtures.

With detailed product specifications, safety information, and compatibility guidelines, your customers can be assured they’ve made the right purchase decision.

And when it comes to HVAC systems, online platforms make it easy. Now you can offer various options, including units, ducting, vents, thermostats, filters, and accessories. This is another area where detailed product descriptions and customer reviews help customers select the best equipment for their requirements.

Windows and doors:

Windows and doors are great revenue generators. And as an online retailer, now you can provide a diverse selection. E-commerce solutions make it easy to offer windows and doors in various materials, styles, and sizes.

So whether your customers are looking for energy-efficient windows, stylish interior doors, or durable exterior doors, you’ve got them covered. All the styles and a wide range of options are always available for immediate purchase online.

Siding and cladding:

Your new e-commerce platform makes offering an extensive range of siding materials for both functional and aesthetic purposes easy. Do your customers prefer the classic appeal of vinyl? The natural beauty of wood? Or perhaps your customers prefer the durability of fiber cement or the sleekness of metal siding.

No matter what they prefer, your customers can always find a wide array of options in your online store.

Grout and glazing:

Whether your customers require tile grout for bathroom or kitchen installations, epoxy grout for high-moisture areas, or window glazing compounds for glass installations, they can find everything in your new online marketplace.


Put The Power of Procurement In The Customer’s Hands

Empower your customers by offering them a wide range of building materials. Inform them with detailed product information, user reviews, and convenient delivery services.

E-Commerce solutions designed for the construction materials market make it easier and more efficient for your customers to buy confidently.

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For construction suppliers, the shift towards e-commerce has revolutionized their business model..

With the convenience of online platforms powered by composable e-commerce software, customers can browse a wide array of products, compare prices, read reviews, and buy with confidence.

This benefits customers and empowers suppliers to streamline operations, optimize inventory, and enhance the buying experience.

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