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The E-Commerce Evolution in Construction

It’s hard to say who started first. While e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay have been selling construction gear for years, they haven’t specialized. And they certainly don’t supply many job sites.

Flooring distributor BuildDirect, founded in 1999, became an early player by directly connecting buyers with suppliers through their ‘Heavyweight Supply Chain.’ Then, in 2002, partners Jeff Booth and Rob Banks launched their e-commerce store, offering a range of flooring, decking, and other building materials for sale online.

Of course, BuildDirect wasn’t alone. Construction supply leaders like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Leroy Merlin, and Cashbuild have kept pace. Even smaller hardware chains have gradually moved their inventories online.

How It Started: Static Websites and Online Catalogs

Initially, e-commerce sites selling construction materials were barely more than photo galleries on simple websites. There might be a downloadable catalog with some product specifications, but buying anything was out of the question. And forget about shipping—way too expensive, if shipping was even offered at all.

The best you could do was browse the online catalog and then call or visit a local dealer in person.

Shift to Online Transactions

Suppliers started experimenting with online transactions and creative distribution channels as technology evolved. Between in-house fleets and Third Party Logistics (3PL) providers, cost-effective, timely delivery of heavy materials suddenly became feasible and profitable.

Online marketplaces started featuring built-in calculators for estimating shipping costs, implementing secure payment options, and providing customer service portals for real-time help.

Mobile Commerce Era

Further technological improvements paved the way for construction material sales to go mobile.

Now, on-the-go contractors and job site managers can quickly and securely compare prices, read specifications, and determine where they buy online.

Transactions just became simpler, faster, and more efficient.

E-Commerce: Built for B2B

Heavy material suppliers in the mining, aggregate, and cement industries recognized a good thing when they saw it. Margins in these industries are notoriously narrow.

Industry leaders like Cemex began developing online ordering apps to simplify their complex supply chain operations, lower costs, and optimize customer experience.

E-commerce platforms like these mean downstream distributors and end-use customers to place orders, track shipments, and manage invoices and payments in real-time.

The centralized interface eliminates the need for multiple phone calls, emails, or paperwork, further streamlining the process.

A standout feature is the real-time tracking of shipments. Customers can monitor the journey of their ordered materials from the plant to the job site. This visibility is a boon for project planning, and the integrated approach ensures that all stakeholders in the supply chain, from the mining site to the end-user, are in sync.

Innovation through AI, Big Data, and VR

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and Virtual Reality (VR) initiated another e-commerce revolution. Now, buyers can ‘try before they buy,’ walking through 3D renderings of their construction projects or previewing material finishes in life-like detail.

AI-powered tools calculate volume and material in seconds, building out entire projects and calculating materials lists, quotes, and delivery costs. Some platforms even estimate labor so buyers know exactly how to budget.

GoBuild360: Where Innovation and Integration Meet

After seeing how tech like AI, Big Data, and VR changed the game, you might wonder, what’s next? GoBuild360 is the answer. We take the tech you’ve come to expect and integrate unique micro-services to meet your unique business rules.

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Our platform isn’t just smart. It’s seamless—and branded with your company logo and name.

Your customers don’t have to juggle multiple apps or wrestle with data. GoBuild360 pulls it all together.

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