How do online ordering systems work for ready-mix concrete?

Discover how online ordering systems revolutionize the ready-mix concrete industry, simplifying purchases, and boosting efficiency.
Online ordering systems have transformed how ready-mix concrete suppliers meet customer demand.
These innovative tools simplify the buying process, allowing clients to order the exact quantity and mix they require easily.
And with real-time connectivity to your ERP, batching, and logistics systems, your customers can now access accurate order status updates and delivery timelines, enhancing transparency and boosting their overall satisfaction.
Let’s take a look.

The Basics: What is ready-mix concrete?

Ready-mix concrete is a pre-made mixture of cement, sand, and aggregate tailored to meet specific strength, durability, and workability requirements for various construction applications.
First, the mix is prepared at a batching plant according to strict quality standards.
Then water is added to the mix as a large drum blends it all together.
And finally, the ready-mix concrete is transported to construction sites in specialized mixer trucks.
Mix ratios can vary depending on the intended use.
Did you know that every application requires its own special mix?
That’s right. So that means foundations, piers, runways, roads, driveways, sidewalks, and patios are all blended differently.
Interesting, isn’t it?
The advantages of ordering ready-mix concrete lie in its consistency. And, of course, having ready-mix concrete delivered reduces labor and equipment costs while also minimizing waste.
To sum it all up, by ordering mixes tailored to each job, contractors receive the exact materials needed to fulfill their project’s requirements, eliminating the need for on-site mixing and ensuring a high-quality end product.

Ordering ready-mix concrete the old way.

Before the advent of online ordering systems, the traditional ready-mix concrete ordering process involved customers contacting suppliers via phone or in person to request a quote.
The supplier would gather information about the required mix, quantity, and delivery details, then provide a price quote.
Once the customer accepted the quote and confirmed their order, the information was manually entered into the supplier’s system.
This process often involved multiple phone calls, manual calculations, and potential miscommunications, which could lead to errors and delays.
Additionally, tracking orders was challenging, with customers often having to call the supplier for updates on their order status and delivery times.

Online ordering systems: The New Way

Gone are the days of playing phone tag with suppliers.
Online ordering systems simplify the process of ordering and managing ready-mix concrete deliveries for construction projects.
With a new branded online ordering system powered by GoBuild360, your customers will submit their ready-mix orders in just seconds!
It’s fast, easy, and it keeps all the vital job data in one convenient place.
Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Create an account

Your new ready-mix ordering software pulls data from your ERP or accounting solution, so your existing customers are already in the system.
New customers can enter their details through the app too.
The process is simple, painless, and easily completed in just three simple steps:
  1. Customers enter their contact information, including their billing address.
  2. Add their payment information or credit facility.
  3. Choose a secure password.
Your customer will receive their login credentials via email. And your GoBuild360 Customer Success Manager will follow up to ensure the setup is complete.

Step 2: Choose your mix

Now your customers can upload their specifications or browse the available types of ready-mix concrete, admixtures, and other materials you offer.
Online ordering systems give customers easy access to request just the mix they need.
Customers select the strength, durability, and other properties relevant to their project.
That’s the beauty of ready-mix!
Customization down to the additives and slump.
The order details are immediately synched with your plant automation software, ERP, or accounting solution for easy processing and quick retrieval, making all future orders a breeze.

Step 3: Calculate the quantity

The big question is, how much ready-mix concrete do you need to order?
You can calculate the old way by getting out your trusty measuring tape if you’re on-site, a scale ruler if you measure from blueprints, or you can use one of the many convenient online concrete calculators like this one from
But what’s even better than measuring by hand or surfing the web to find a concrete calculator?
Using GoBuild360’s built-in concrete calculator for fast and accurate calculations.
If you know the project’s dimensions, the GoBuild360 app can figure out the rest.
No more waste, shortages, or headaches.

Step 4: Schedule delivery

Your customers have strict timelines, and online ordering systems powered by GoBuild360 help them stay on schedule.
Customers choose their
  • Delivery date, time, and location,
  • When and how the trucks are staggered, or
  • Choose multiple deliveries
Everything syncs with your logistics schedule.
Your ready-mix concrete will arrive on time. Every time.

Step 5: Confirm and pay

Customers have the final say because they can carefully review their order before confirming.
If everything looks good, they continue to our secure in-app payment portal.
Now your customers can
  • Pay by cash,
  • Credit,
  • EFT,
  • Account balance, or
  • Any payment method you choose.
Everyone receives digital receipts and order confirmations for their records immediately after checkout.
That. Is. It.
The online ordering process is complete.
green and white mixer truck at the construction site

What are the benefits of online ordering systems?

If you’re still on the fence, let’s break down just a few of the benefits your customers experience when you choose an online ordering system powered by GoBuild360:
  1. Saves time: No more phone calls. No more waiting on hold. Order when you want. Get back to work faster.
  2. Accurate orders: With GoBuild360, orders are exactly what your customers need every time. Accurate because the customer is always in control. No more having to keep track of all the site specifics. No more guessing. No more surprises.
  3. Totally flexible: Change of plans? No problem. With an online ordering system, your customers can easily adjust their orders online. Keep your team focused and on track.
  4. Easier record-keeping: No need to track down past orders, old statements, or delivery notes. Your customers have access to all of that and more – everything they need, including their entire order history and account standing — all in one convenient place.  
  5. Super convenient: Now, your customers can order from anywhere. Your new online ordering system is available by computer, tablet, or smartphone. It’s always accessible and ready whenever your customer needs it.
Ready to see the benefits for yourself?