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Breaking Tradition: A New Ordering System for Ready-Mix Concrete

Until now, ordering systems for ready-mix concrete have been inefficient and labor-intensive.  Contractors would jump through hoop after hoop to order, coordinate, and confirm their concrete deliveries.

Isn’t it time to kiss those antiquated ways goodbye?

Let’s dive into the traditional ready-mix ordering system, expose its pitfalls, and explore the new system that’s paving the way to more sales and fewer headaches for suppliers and their busy contractors.

Understanding Ready-Mix Concrete and Why It’s Important

Ready-mix concrete has been a fundamental building material for decades, used in countless construction projects worldwide. This tailor-made blend of cement, aggregates, water, and admixtures provides the foundational strength for the entire global economy.

The type of job and contract specs will dictate the ratio of these ingredients — so accuracy is critical. And since ready-mix concrete is a perishable product, timing is everything too.

You don’t want to mess around with ratios or batching. So it’s best to leave that to the pros.

That’s why ready-mix is prepared in a factory or centralized batching plant and shipped directly to construction sites by large ready-mix manufacturers. These heroes bring consistency and quality to the construction industry with the important materials they provide.

Four Traditional Ready-Mix Ordering Systems

Back in the day, ordering ready-mix concrete was a multi-step, back-and-forth hassle often performed over phone lines or even face-to-face. It wasn’t pretty, but it got the job done.

Let’s get a better look at four common ordering methods and why they’re all washed up:

Phone Calls: The Traditional Voice-to-Voice Process

Ever played telephone tag trying to order concrete? Old-school phone calls were the norm, with your voice being the bridge between you and a fresh batch of ready-mix.

Fax: The Old-school Paper Trail

Faxes were another popular choice, sending sheets of paper skidding through old-fashioned ink-spitting machines just to secure your concrete order.

Retro, right?

In-Person: The Hands-On Approach

And then, there was the in-person method. You’d hop in the truck and brave the traffic just to place an order face-to-face. Talk about a waste of time and resources!

A bunch of busy contractors standing around and shooting the breeze over stale doughnuts and some pretty awful coffee.

Emails: The Digital Correspondence Method

Emails stepped in as the digital knight in shining armor, reducing paper waste and speeding things up a bit. But someone still had to open their email and manually enter your order into their system.

To make matters worse, without talking with someone directly, you were never sure if your email was received. So there you are, refreshing your inbox every hour or pestering your office staff to follow up.

Ordering my email gave you no more peace of mind than yelling your order from a rooftop.

The Challenges of Traditional Ordering Systems

Traditional ordering methods, with their reliance on emails, phone calls, paperwork, and follow-ups, have long been the norm. But these systems are fraught with challenges.

You know this already, don’t you?

Miscommunication is common. And what’s worse than mistakes in order quantity or mix type? Plus, you’re never sure where your order is or when it leaves the plant.

And last-minute changes? Those can be a logistical nightmare.

The old ordering systems simply can’t keep up with the pace of today’s construction projects. The demand for accuracy, speed, and flexibility is increasing – and it’s clear that a more modern, efficient approach to ordering ready-mix concrete is overdue.

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Transition to the Digital Age with GoBuild360

With an e-commerce platform powered by GoBuild360, you can ditch the hoops and hurdles.

Simplified, user-friendly platforms make ordering ready-mix concrete as easy as ordering takeout.

With GoBuild360’s innovative software, customers can place their orders at the click of a button anytime, anywhere. Customers have a simple, easy-to-use ordering system right at their fingertips, reducing guesswork and potential errors for customers and suppliers alike. Real-time updates keep everyone in the loop, from plant operators to logistics teams, ensuring smooth coordination.

It’s a win-win situation: customers enjoy a hassle-free ordering experience, and suppliers gain operational efficiency.

Just like ordering takeout – straightforward, quick, and satisfying. It’s high time we brought this convenience to the world of ready-mix concrete ordering.

Say goodbye to headaches and hello to hassle-free ordering.

The Advantages of a Digital Ordering System

When it comes to the perks of digital ordering systems, the cup runneth over for both contractors and suppliers. Not only is this system infinitely easier for all stakeholders, but it also saves everyone time and money. By reducing the errors and inefficiencies of manual ordering and documentation, we’re effectively putting money back into your pocket.

With all of this streamlining, your budget for cool new tools and fancy hard hats will go through the roof!

The Benefits for Contractors

For contractors, GoBuild360 is like having a superpower. It zaps clerical errors, reduces waste, and annihilates over-ordering, all while boosting efficiency, accuracy, and communication. It’s like pressing the easy button on the entire ordering process.

The Benefits for Suppliers

And suppliers, this is your show, after all! GoBuild360 optimizes fleet utilization, improves route planning, and eliminates needless emails, phone calls, and wait times. It’s like having a backstage pass to efficiency and sustainable practices, all while keeping the bottom line in check.

The Future of Ready-Mix Concrete Ordering

We’ve come a long way from phone calls, faxes, emails, and in-person orders. The future is now, and it’s digital, sleek, and streamlined. With GoBuild360, we’re not just catching up with technology; we’re trailblazing. Setting new benchmarks for the construction industry.

It’s a fresh chapter where the hassles of yesteryears are replaced with precision, speed, and simplicity. In this evolving construction landscape, those who adopt digital solutions aren’t merely fitting in – they’re setting the pace.

Ready to be part of this groundbreaking shift? The future of ready-mix concrete ordering has arrived.

Let us show you how it works.

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