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Nov 2023: Boost Your Profits with Personalized Portals

Boost Your Profits with Personalized Portals Hi Friend, Did you know? Integrated customer portals can boost sales by over 40%. 🚀 Here’s how e-commerce leaders take advantage. #EcommerceTips Boost Your Profits with Personalized Portals   Hi Friend,   There’s no … Read More

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Take Command of Your Ordering System With GoBuild360

For years, material suppliers have felt handcuffed by software never intended for the construction industry. ERPs are often designed with a “one-size-fits-all” mindset, and many plant batching systems operate in a silo, requiring manual data input to process orders. Customers … Read More


The Benefits of Tech: Ordering Bulk Ready-Mix Concrete Online

Ordering bulk ready-mix concrete has never been easier, thanks to e-commerce software. With a custom-branded ordering portal, your customers can manage their account information, request quotes, and order the materials they need, whether they’re on their laptops or mobile phones, … Read More


Rethinking Construction Material Resource Management

Construction is hard work. We all get that. But why does material resource management have to be hard too? Sourcing materials, requesting quotes, haggling for the best price — and you still have to figure out how to get your … Read More