The Benefits of Tech: Ordering Bulk Ready-Mix Concrete Online

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Ordering bulk ready-mix concrete has never been easier, thanks to e-commerce software. With a custom-branded ordering portal, your customers can manage their account information, request quotes, and order the materials they need, whether they’re on their laptops or mobile phones, at any hour of the day.

By harnessing cutting-edge tech and a customer-centric ethos, ready-mix concrete suppliers gain an edge over their competition and empower their customers to take control of the procurement process.

Providing your customers with a customer-centric digital experience is critical for conducting business in the modern age.

Let’s see how it works the real life.

Ready to Take Your Ready-Mix Concrete Business To The Next Level?

A Tale of Two Contractors Ordering Bulk Ready-Mix Concrete

Our story unfolds with two seasoned contractors, John and Mike, each responsible for constructing a 20-story commercial building.

John was traditional and liked doing things the old-fashioned way with scale rules, paper, pencil, and spreadsheets.

But Mike was more progressive. Mike embraced software and digital solutions because he knew that working smarter was the only way to scale his efforts and get more done in less time.

Their contrasting experiences provide a fascinating insight into the benefits of technology in the ready-mix concrete industry.

Calculating Your Ready-Mix Concrete Needs: The First Step

With a blueprint in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, John and Mike scrutinize every detail of their projects.

Their initial challenge is to determine the exact amount of ready-mix they need.

John, a third-generation concrete contractor, reached for his trusty calculator and started with the basics: the foundation.

He knew a sturdy 4-foot-thick concrete mat foundation covering a 10,000 square feet footprint would require around 1,481.48 cubic yards of concrete. But he also knew he needed to calculate extra for waste, form deflection, and short loads. So then, he added the needs of the reinforced concrete columns, each floor’s concrete slab, and the building’s core making the same allowances.

Let Tech Tackle That

Mike, a civil engineering graduate, used digital tools for his calculations. He used construction software that calculated the concrete needed based on his building’s design parameters. Like John, he had to consider the foundation, columns, slabs, and core.  But in Mike’s case, his software also considered factors like waste, deflection, and adverse site conditions that could affect the pour.

Both knew their tasks were not merely calculating. They had to choose the right type of concrete, too, considering factors like strength and curing time.

They’d need a high-strength mix for the foundation and lower floors and a lighter yet durable mix for the upper floors to ensure structural integrity while keeping weight down.

John and Mike were ready to turn their calculations into concrete reality as the city skyline waited for two new additions.

The Ready-Mix Concrete Ordering Process: Digital or Delayed?

John contacted his local supplier by telephone to get a quote.

But the old-fashioned phone-in method involved multiple calls, emails, and paperwork to get the ball rolling.


Then the approval process and waiting for quote confirmation. All that time was gone, and poor John was still no closer to placing an order — let alone negotiating a better price.

Moving At The Speed of Software  

Mike, on the other hand, was well on his way.

Mike turned to his trusted supplier to order his ready-mix concrete online. And by simply entering his required volume, Mike secured a significant bulk discount on the spot. That’s one of the many financial benefits of online bulk ready-mix concrete ordering.

This simple e-commerce solution offers the contractor everything they need to manage such a large project effectively:

  • Account information is always available,
  • Quick-quote feature,
  • Easy order placement,
  • Immediate confirmation of bulk discounts,
  • Clear visibility of total costs,
  • Running total of material used and what’s left on balance,
  • Real-time order tracking,
  • Digital delivery receipts, load tickets, and discrepancies.

Scheduling Ready-Mix Concrete Deliveries: Flexibility vs. Rigidity

By ordering online, Mike could stagger his ready-mix deliveries with the click of a button. This feature ensured his site team would be ready and could place the foundation in a continuous pour.

In contrast, John had a heck of a time.  Coordinating with his supplier over the phone took multiple calls and plenty of messages. He was never sure when. In addition, his order would show up or where the trucks were in succession.

To make matters worse, John’s uncertain delivery times often resulted in idle workers waiting for the ready-mix to arrive, costing him tons of time and increasing his labor costs.

On the other hand, the predictability and control offered by online ordering allowed Mike’s project to move forward without a hitch. Mike’s teams were productive, and as a result, his project stayed on budget and schedule.

Site Preparation: Tracking Progress

While monitoring the delivery schedule from his phone, Mike and his team prepared the site by excavating the area, building wooden forms, and installing the rebar framework.

Without an online tracking system, John’s mind was split. He not only had to keep tabs on his crews, but he had to follow up with his supplier to make sure he was on the delivery schedule.

But Ordering Ready-Mix Concrete Isn’t The Only Thing That Gets Easier

Managing supplies is a big part of any construction job. But, for Mike and John, it’s like walking a tightrope – balancing what they need now with what they’ll need in the future.

How will Mike’s tech-savvy approach help him handle this balancing act?

Do John’s old-school methods make his job harder than it needs to be?

Let’s find out.


Material Management Made Easy

Throughout the project, Mike harnessed the power of his online platform to make managing his project materials a breeze. Here’s how:

  • Real-time Tracking: With just a few taps on his phone or clicks on his laptop, Mike could pull up a comprehensive view of his operations. He could track concrete orders, monitor delivery schedules, and even follow the delivery trucks in real-time.
  • Inventory Management: The platform gave Mike a snapshot of all the materials he had on-site, including:
    • The number of steel bars left.
    • The amount of wood available for building forms
    • The number of nails in his supply
    • If he noticed something was running low, he could place an order right there on his phone.
  • Record Keeping: The platform recorded every order Mike placed, including when he ordered it, how much he paid, and when it arrived. This historical data was invaluable for future project planning and budgeting.

While John was still entangled in a web of phone calls and paper records, Mike managed his materials with a digital solution effortlessly. The difference in efficiency was clear as day.

The Benefits Of Tech: Order Your Ready-Mix Concrete Online

The benefits of using digital platforms are impossible to ignore.

As we’ve seen in the story of Mike and John, a digital supply chain can make a massive difference to your peace of mind and your project’s success.

Not to mention, employing digital solutions can significantly reduce the stress and strain on your team.

But ordering ready-mix concrete online is just one example of how these platforms can simplify your operations, eliminate busy work, and boost your bottom line. There are many more advantages in store.

So, as you look to the future, consider the role that digital platforms can play in your business. Whether it’s ordering ready-mix concrete online, managing your inventory, or tracking deliveries in real-time, the right platform can be a game-changer for your projects.

So why wait?

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