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The E-Commerce Evolution in Construction

It’s hard to say who started first. While e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay have been selling construction gear for years, they haven’t specialized. And they certainly don’t supply many job sites. Flooring distributor BuildDirect, founded in 1999, became an early … Read More

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Take Command of Your Ordering System With GoBuild360

For years, material suppliers have felt handcuffed by software never intended for the construction industry. ERPs are often designed with a “one-size-fits-all” mindset, and many plant batching systems operate in a silo, requiring manual data input to process orders. Customers … Read More


Online Ready-Mix Ordering Systems for Multi-Plant Operations

Integrated online ready-mix ordering systems are rapidly becoming an essential tool for multi-plant ready-mix operators everywhere. And do you want to know why? That’s because these systems bring together accounting, ERP, batching, and dispatch software to simplify the ready-mix ordering … Read More

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MACH Tech: The Online Sales Advantage For Construction Suppliers

Online sales for construction suppliers have evolved dramatically with the advent of new technologies. Among these, MACH tech stands out as a real game-changer — revolutionizing the online sales process. Let’s explore what MACH technology means for the construction industry … Read More


Ready-Mix Producers Take The Lead in Digital Ordering and Sales

The Ready-Mix concrete industry isn’t just the backbone of our buildings and bridges. These mavericks are leading the construction industry in digital innovation. Recognizing the need for efficiency and precision in an ever-demanding market, ready-mix producers are turning to cutting-edge … Read More

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Ready-Mix Ordering Systems: Build it Yourself -Or Buy Off-the-Shelf?

If you’re a ready-mix concrete producer, the explosion of digital ordering systems probably has you curious and maybe even a little confused. You know you need to update your systems to stay competitive. But should you build one yourself or … Read More

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July 2023: The Cement Industry Levels Up: Embrace Tech, Without the Stress

Why this simple tech could be your best move yet Hi Friend, Here’s something to think about:   Is your current tech stack modern and flexible enough to meet your evolving needs? The Cement Industry Levels Up: Embracing Tech, Without … Read More

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The MACH Factor: E-commerce Excellence for Construction Materials

Building a successful e-commerce platform for the construction materials market shouldn’t feel like constructing a towering skyscraper. And with MACH architecture, it doesn’t have to. This advanced technology framework simplifies the e-commerce building process, providing a robust, flexible, and scalable … Read More


Is Your Cement Software Provider Really Serving You?

Do you ever feel like your cement software is more of a headache than a help? Sure, you have tools like SAP for managing money, Command Alkon for running production, and IntelliTrans for distribution. But if these systems aren’t in … Read More


Composable E-Commerce vs Headless E-Commerce: Do You Really Have To Choose?

Alright, let’s dig into the good, the bad, and the ugly of both Composable Commerce and Headless E-commerce. Composable or Headless? Which e-commerce architecture is best for your business? Composable e-commerce offers flexible, interchangeable modules that easily cater to your … Read More