The Future of Cement Sales? Simple

Simplify your cement sales and Wow your customers with a custom-branded e-commerce ordering portal. GoBuild360: eCommerce for construction.

The future of cement sales is simple and hassle-free.
Gone are the days of back-and-forth phone calls, double-handling data, endless paperwork, and miscommunication.
With the help of modern technology, industry leaders are transforming how we buy and sell cement. They’ve learned that providing their customers with 24/7 account access, and a simple user interface makes cement sales faster, easier, and more efficient for everyone involved.
So, the question is, are you ready to say goodbye to your complicated procedures and hello to efficiency, convenience, customer satisfaction, and more sales?

Why is online ordering important for cement sales?

Most cement buyers know exactly what they want and when they want it. Ready-mix concrete suppliers and builder’s merchants typically order the same materials, time after time, in varying quantities. The actual order process is simply a formality.
That’s true for most contractors buying your products too.
Indeed, contractors know their job requirements well. They are familiar with the type and quantity of cement needed for their specific projects. They just need access to a reliable supplier who can deliver.
That’s where technology can really help.

How does technology simplify cement ordering?

Online ordering systems powered by GoBuild360 remove the unnecessary back-and-forth of traditional phone calls and email orders. And as a result, your ordering process is smoother, faster, and more accurate.
That’s because online ordering eliminates manual data transfer, which reduces errors, saving precious time and resources.
Moreover, the ability to order anytime and from anywhere gives your customers unparalleled convenience.
Online ordering isn’t just about keeping up with technology—it’s about providing a service that matches the fast-paced, demanding nature of the construction industry.
Online cement ordering is a win-win solution for suppliers and buyers alike.
Here are a few of the many ways an online system can help.

Logistics and transportation:

An online ordering portal powered by GoBuild360 includes a delivery app. That’s an important feature for your customers because it provides real-time delivery updates, tracking information, and the convenience of electronic tickets.
No more waiting on paper tickets that can take weeks to cycle back into the office from contracted carriers.

Product variations:

Cement comes in various types and grades, each with specific applications. Customers unfamiliar with the best application and use cases can still speak to a member of your sales team.
But for buyers well-familiar with your products, an online portal allows them to easily browse through their different options, compare specifications, and make informed decisions on their own.
Self-service features like these eliminate the busy work of the buying process, saving everyone time and hassle.

Pricing fluctuations:

Cement prices can be volatile due to factors like raw material costs, demand, and regional factors.
An online ordering system gives you the freedom to update prices in real-time, ensuring transparent and accurate pricing information for your customers.

Customer support:

When your customers require technical assistance and guidance, an online portal can provide easy access to resources, documentation, and customer support. 
And because your staff is spending less time on busy work, they can now focus on enhancing the overall customer experience. And superior service like that cements you as the go-to supplier of choice.
Online sales platforms simplify the purchase process, improve customer satisfaction and keep you ahead of the competition.

Features to look for in an online ordering portal.

A top-notch online ordering portal should have several key features to ensure your customers have a smooth and enjoyable experience.
These features include:
  1. An intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface: Customers should be able to quickly find the products they need and place orders without any difficulties.
  2. Comprehensive product information: Provide detailed descriptions, specifications, and images to help customers make informed decisions.
  3. Flexible payment options: Offer various payment methods to accommodate different customer preferences.
  4. Real-time order tracking: Customers can track their orders from when they’re placed until they arrive at their doorstep or job site.
cement-ordering-software-on-computer and mobile view-of-GoBuild360-composable-e-commerce-solutions-for-construction-cement-sales

Cement Sales Portals Help With Account Management Too.

Online ordering portals improve the buying experience and help customers manage their accounts. For instance, online portals provide a centralized platform for customers to manage their material needs across multiple projects.
And with total account access online, customers can view their order history, track shipments, manage billing and shipping addresses, and even set up recurring orders. 
Additional benefits of moving customer account management online include:

Order history:

Customers can easily access their order history without help or intervention.
No more phone calls, emails, and frustration trying to find what they need.
Order history access helps your customers keep track of their purchases and plan future orders.
And that saves everyone time and money.

Invoices and billing:

Online portals simplify the process of managing invoices, payments, and billing information.
The portal lets customers view past and current invoices, download order receipts, and pay their bills instantly.

Order tracking:

An online ordering portal offers real-time order tracking, enabling customers to monitor the status of their orders and plan accordingly.
So long phone call after phone call!
Now your customers have all the information they need to track their own orders and deliveries —saving you time and giving them peace of mind.

Personalized product recommendations:

Online portals can analyze customers’ purchase history and preferences.
That means you have the data you need to offer that extra level of personalized support that drives engagement and boosts your revenues.
  • Product guidance and recommendations to educate and inform.
  • Cross-selling and upselling to simplify decision-making.
  • Complementary products or higher-value alternatives.
With an online ordering system, you can encourage customers to add additional items to their cart or upgrade their purchases.
This results in a higher average order value per sale and boosts overall revenue.

Account settings:

Customers can easily update their account information through an online portal, such as contact details, payment information, project locations, and shipping addresses.
Customers always control their own users, ensuring fast order approvals.
Preapproved orders generate more sales in less time with less intervention from you and your staff.

Cement sales with strong customer support:

A well-designed online ordering portal provides easy access to customer support, allowing customers to raise queries or seek assistance as needed.
And with Gobuild360, your customers have their own Customer Success Manager.
By integrating an online ordering portal, cement suppliers simplify their customers’ account management process, increasing customer satisfaction.
This level of control and convenience helps build trust and loyalty, ensuring your customers always return for more of your high-quality products and superior customer service.

Procurement Pros Prefer It

Procurement professionals have unique needs and requirements when it comes to purchasing cement and other construction materials. But by tailoring your online ordering portal to their specific needs, you can make their jobs easier while building brand loyalty.
That’s because research has shown that buyers do more business with suppliers that are easy to work with and who cater to their unique needs. 
Some ways to cater to procurement professionals include:
  1. Offering bulk order discounts and special pricing for large-volume purchases.
  2. Providing easy access to technical data sheets and other relevant documentation.
  3. Integrating with popular procurement software and platforms to streamline the purchasing process.

The fact is, the simpler and easier you can make the purchasing process, the greater your sales numbers will be. There are just too many benefits there to ignore.

What are the benefits of simplifying the cement sales process?

Gone are the days of complex ordering systems and frustrating procurement experiences.
Tech-savvy procurement pros just don’t have the patience for it.
But, when you adopt a user-friendly ordering portal, you not only simplify the cement buying process and please your customers, but you also enjoy a wide range of benefits:

Increased sales and revenue:

A user-friendly portal makes it easy for customers to place orders, leading to more sales and higher revenue.

Improved customer satisfaction:

By providing a seamless and hassle-free experience, you’ll keep your customers happy and loyal.

Enhanced brand reputation:

Positioning yourself as a forward-thinking and customer-centric supplier will help to elevate your brand in the eyes of your customers.

The future of cement sales is all about simplification.

By simplifying the cement buying process with an online ordering portal, you easily cater to the needs of both customers and procurement professionals.
And the advantage of this breakthrough technology keeps you ahead of the competition. And that grows your business.
Don’t get left behind – embrace the future of cement sales today and watch your business thrive!